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CAmeo Portraits Birthday Club

To enroll in our birthday club please provide me with you name, Birthday, email and address.

I will notify you by return email that you have been added. You can email this infor to me at or click here and include it on my contact form

Prior to your birthday I will mail a birthday card and on your birthday an email that entitles you to a 30 minute birthday session with your choiuce of 3 edited images on a CD. If you want them on a jump drive you must bring your own). The offer is for the birthday person and can not be transfered. Those under 18 must have their parents perssion to be photographed.

Valentine's Day Special

Vlentine’s Day Photography

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show your LOVE of a best friend, or that significant other in your life.

The gift you want to give your significant other should be a gift that is uniquely you, so why not give them a set of beautiful photographs they will cherish for years to come. Give a gift that no one else can give or buy in a store, something personal and one that will last.

Cameo Portraits is offering a special photography package to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Demonstrate love for your significant other with high quality beautiful photographs that show the beautiful you, show just how much you love them with this intimate gift.

The basic package at $ 49 includes three edited photos with print release, one printed 8×10, with additional edits and prints available, such as photo books, calendars or just about anything your heart desires. You choose your best shots with a private online gallery.


This limited time offer ends February 7th. So call 601-498-0500 today and schedule your session





Veteran's Day

      As we wake up tomorrow our country has said it is a special day to remember our veterans (All veterans no matter what war, non war, or when_They served). Let's do remember them tomorrow, but also every day. They served this nation well. Some will say they were war mongers, but I am reminded of a saying that I read: "No member of the armed services want a war, because you see in a war they are the first to die. They serve and serve bravely ready to die, if need be for PEACE.


And as I write I would also remind those of us who enjoy this freedom to also remember the wives and husbands who remained here while the spouse served. Theirs was not an easy task either. Let's all be proud that we are a nation ready to stand tall, we called and serve. GOD BLESS ALL OUR VETS and GOD BLESS TH USA

Why professional photographers charge what they do.




1. We spend WAY more than 4 hours on your wedding.


Couples are often shocked at the price tag attached to their wedding services.  “But I’m only hiring you for four hours!” is a common reaction.

What you don’t know is that we spend many hours outside your wedding day timeline on planning, communication, rehearsals, meetings, travel and all the logistics necessary to make that “four hours” look easy.  This doesn’t even take into account the necessary time investment in training and education to keep our skills sharp.

Let’s take photographers as an example.  According to this recent survey, the average photographer spends 65 hours invested in each wedding; when all the hours invested in a wedding are factored in, a typical wedding photographer makes an hourly wage only $37 per hour before expenses!  DJs, florists, officiants, planners and other pros are in a similar situation.

Most wedding professionals are not living large on “wedding ripoffs,” a charge often lodged by the media.  While the average wedding in the US costs around $25,000, a recent survey of our wedding professional audience revealed that 48% of wedding businesses make less than $25,000 in an entire YEAR.

2.  If you hire an amateur for your wedding, expect an amateur result.

Wedding professionals are not a commodity item.  You’re hiring a unique personality, talent and experience set.  We charge more because we are worth it.

Those amateurs you can hire for a dime a dozen?  They’re worth the price you pay, too.

Sure, you might luck out and find the next undiscovered Preston Bailey for your wedding, but you’re much more likely to get sub-par performance along with that bargain price.

3.  You pay more for wedding services because you get more.

Much has been made of the so-called “wedding markup,” a phenomenon that occurs when secret shoppers get quoted a higher price for identical services when they are booked for a wedding as opposed to another type of event.  While this certainly can occur, journalists neglect to address the very real reasons WHY this happens.

Providing any service for a wedding is far more involved than a similar, non-wedding event.  Wedding pros make themselves available for planning meetings, calls and consultations, and may well send hundreds of emails back and forth with a single client in the year or more of planning up to the wedding.

This type of time and attention isn’t expected or required for most non-wedding events; the time investment alone is enough to justify a higher price.  The quality of wedding services often requires a greater degree of skill and specialization, not to mention the stress and risk involved should something go wrong.

4. We stay up at night worrying about your wedding, too.

We may participate in dozens or even hundreds of weddings per year, but yours really IS important to us.

Each and every wedding can make or break our reputation.  We worry about what can go wrong and we sweat the details because it’s our responsibility.  If we mess something up, we know that in the age of viral sharing on the internet, it may very well destroy our business.

5.  Listening to our advice will save you time, money and stress.

We love your ideas and your enthusiasm.  Please know that when we suggest changes to your dream wedding scenario it’s not because we want to take over your wedding; it’s because we have your best interests at heart.

We probably made a lot of mistakes when planning our own wedding, and it’s inspired us to ensure that pain NEVER happens to you.

We’re wedding experts.  If you take advantage of our knowledge and experience, we will save you time, help you avoid mistakes and make your wedding even better.  But only if you let us.


We now have over 3,000 possible backgrounds for use with our portraits. COme in and Talk with us.


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